The LINARI Eau de Parfums are created using the finest raw materials, resulting in a combination of superior quality and a high olfactory complexity. Each fragrance has been created with the close cooperation of top international perfumers. The resulting creations, these exceptional niche perfumes, which although starkly contrast mass-market perfumes, are impossible not to fall in love with at first sight. Highly concentrated, the LINARI Eau de Parfums are dedicated to the people who enjoy individualisation and consider aesthetics and beauty as necessity. Specially developed by LINARI designer Rainer Diersche, one of the defining features of the LINARI Eau de Parfum is the exceptionally minimised design of the heavy glass flacon. The extreme form of the bottle with the impressive thickness of its circular wall of glass creates an immediately timeless, deconstructed design object of perfect symmetry. Preciously decorated with pedigree 21-carat platinum plating or 22-carat gold plating. The exaggerated dimension of the solid wengé cap adopts the bottle's form, mirroring the extreme diameter. To underline the sculptural characteristics the wooden cap can also be seated under the bottle, creating an unusual optical effect.


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Linari Eau de parfum 100ml ANGELO DI FIUME

TOP: Wild Cherries, Bergamot, Raspberry, Orange // HEART: Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine, Sweet Milk Base, Rose, Caramel Base // BASE: Vanilla, Santal, Patchouly, Musk, Benzoin Siam // PERFUMER: Mark Buxton

Linari Eau de parfum 100ml ELEGANZA LUMINOSA

TOP: Bergamot, Lemon, Orange, Green leaves // HEART: Lilly of the Valley, Freesia, Rose, Jasmine, Iris // BASE: Cedar, Patchouli, Sandal, Amber, Musk // PERFUMER: Egon Oelkers

Linari Eau de parfum 100ml FUOCO INFERNALE

TOP: Carnation, Myrtle, Wild Marjoram, Bouleau Absolue, Labdanum Extract, Cinnamon, Warmwood // HEART: Iris Iron, Tonka Absolue, Olibanum // BASE: Leather Notes, Musk, Amber, Atlas-Cedarwood, Gurjun Oil // PERFUMER: Egon Oelkers


The perfume:Irresistibly seductive and radiant like the infinite Pacific Ocean, enticing salty and cool aquatic notes are intertwined with a fresh bouquet of tangy lemon, Russian birch leaf, Spanish cypress oil and spicy-flowery mate absolue. Long-lasting accords of seawood and ozonic notes contrast with delicate green notes and Turkish rose absolue. Sensual notes of kephalis, alluring Indonesian patchouli, precious Sri Lancan sandalwood are captively surrounded by fresh French moss

Linari Eau de parfum 100ml PORTA DEL CIELO

The perfume: A celestial interaction of opulent fruity notes of sun-ripended Calabrian bergamot, juicy pineapple and crispy raspberry merge with floral accords of delicate freesia and aromatic Indian davana oil. Gentle aspects of Australian sandalwood and finest cashmere wood surround the captivating floral heart note of lily of the valley, vibrant violet and Tunisian orange blossom. The distinctive powdery base notes of white musk, vanilla and enchanting Venezuelan tonka are flattered by accords of exquisite Siamese benzoin resin and Andalusian labdanum.

Linari Eau de parfum 100ml ACQUA SANTA

TOP: Bergamot, Cassis, Coriander, Green Leaves, Patchouly // HEART: Rose, Lily of the Valley, Jasmine note, Ylang- Ylang, Violet // BASE: Caramel, Musk, Tonka, Cedarwood // PERFUMER: Maurice Roucel

ادو پرفیوم زنانه و مردانه لیناری مدل STELLA CADENTE

ادوپرفیوم STELLA CADENTE "ستاره دنباله دار"
این ادوپرفیوم از جدیدترین محصولات خانه عطر سازی لیناری است که در سال 2015 به بازار ارائه شد و عطر ساز آن مارک بوستون است.
روایح این عطر پیچیدگی و رازآلودگی و وقاری خاص را به ذهن متبادر میکنند و در عین حال وجهه ای گرم و ملیح دارد. ترکیبی از روایح ادویه ای و خاکی، و میوه ای، صمغی، دودی و رزینی، بادامی و کاراملی، به زیبایی و ظرافت با آمیخته اند و فضایی با شکوه و مجلل را ارائه میکنند.
ادوپرفیوم "استلا کادنته"، همچون سایر محصولات لیناری در همان شیشه آشنا اما با طرح توپی ساخته شده از طلای 22 عیار و درب چوبی دست سازش، زیبایی واصالت را همزمان هدیه می دهد.

Linari Eau de parfum 100ml NOTTE BIANCA

The perfume: Exciting and infatuating like a sleepless night. A delightful interaction of delicate fruity accents of pink grapefruit, fresh bergamot and Italian orange combine with the vitalising spicy notes of star anise, elixir of absinth, clove, sage and the finest cashmere wood. Accords of Haitian vetiver and tonka bean provide a seductive sensual character to the base note, highlighted by white musk and amber.

Linari Eau de parfum 100ml VISTA SUL MARE

The perfume: Irresistible, like the view over an endless blue ocean, the joining of the fresh citrus notes of Calabrian bergamot, pink grapefruit, lemon and Italian tangerine with a cool ozonic accord, ingeniously surrounded by a spicy-floral bouquet of red pepper, cloves, lily of the valley and wild roses. White musk and seductive amber merge with natural cedar and hints of patchouli to create a sensual, elegant base note.

calla-Room Fragrances

Transparency and Energy - Fresh and crystal clear as morning dew. CALLA combines the aromatic warmth of black tea leaves with the radiant liveliness of fresh grapefruit and orange with a touch of peach. A delicate element of sandalwood and jasmine rounds off the elegant harmony.

CIELO-Room Fragrances

Beauty and Fascination - The glittering of the midnight skies joins with the warmth of cedar notes and the irresistible chords of rosewood. Fresh accents of bergamot, sweet tangerine and galbanum harmonise with the sensual characteristics of the balm musk notes.

ESTATE-Room Fragrances

Balance and Dedication - The infatuating freshness of a radiant summer meadow and the chords of ripe lemons, with a juicy green nuance, unite to create a distinct yet unmistakable light breeze. Underlying notes of delicate amber and musk sensually intertwine the senses.

OCEANO-Room Fragrances

Desire and Eternity - Crystal clear with the purity of the deep blue ocean and the tart-fruity nuance of bergamot, pink grapefruit and lime, surrounded by tender fragrance of the ocean. Fine accents of orris and tonka round off the radiant freshness.

RIVA-Room Fragrances

LINARI-RIVA Crispness and Lucidity – A bouquet of vibrant magnolia blossoms, red peppercorns and citric aromas of pink grapefruit, sun-ripened mandarin and Calabrian bergamot radiates maritime finesse. The heart note is a sun-fresh composition of fruity cassis notes merged with the delicate floral aspects of orange blossom, ylang-ylang and rose oil. Sensual charm is lavishly irradiated by silky aromas of candy floss and warm notes of musk, sandalwood and patchouli.

RUBINO-Room Fragrances

Purity and Freshness - RUBINO possesses a radiant white floral bouquet that is brilliantly surrounded by bright fruity notes of melon, fresh raspberry, mandarine and juicy bergamot. The dry-down surprises with vetiver and accents of sandalwood and musk. A perfect fragrance composition with a modern Italian finesse.

SFERA-Room Fragrances

Vastness and Perfection - Like sparkling champagne full of energy the fragrance of yellow tangerine, bergamot and sun-ripened citrus fruits unite to an overwhelming sensual lightness with the aromatic warmth of rosewood and amber.

SOGNO-Room Fragrances

Softness and Temptation - A smooth balsamic composition of spicy ginger and exotic elemi with a citric nuance that is surrounded by gentle accents of olibanum and amber, an incomparable infatuating scent experience. Perfumer: MARK BUXTON